Hello Jacqui,
It was great to see you on Australian Story last night – to get to know you a bit more and where you’ve come from. It’s to refreshing to see a politician that’s not from the normal political puppet mould and can relate to people in a down to earth manner. You are like a lamp on a lampstand shining light into the world of politics and people will respect you for your truth and frankness. You make people (and me) laugh and put a smile on their faces.

I earnestly hope that all goes well for you over the next 6 years and I know that you will have a big impact in determining the direction of this country.
Can’t wait to see you in the Lodge!


I watched your story on ABC-an amazing life-so far-you are a breath of fresh air and I hope you don’t change, my very best wishes to you for your future,you are my kind of Aussie