This young lady stands tall, she has the capacity and ability to fight the good fight.
As one of the top 7% of managers I would choose her to be with me, because I always say, don’t tell me just show me. And furthermore, I love her smile.

– Col

This lady has shown courage and resilience in her life and appears to pursue her goals with an attempt to gain an outcome.  This is a hard task in the days of bureaucracy and the media holding sway.  If I was running my department, I would like Jacqui on the team.  I am grateful that she has tackled the problem of ICe in the community and has spoken boldly for those with service acquired PTSD.

– Christopher

I like what she stands for. The Little guy.

– Ricky

As a Veteran, manager, retired police officer, I recognize the steel in this lady and her resoluteness to pursue an issue for whomever it accounts for. The only downside she has, she lives in the great state of Tasmania when she should be over here in the Mighty West! My endorsement means even more when I see her fight for her son when the chips are down. Guts, Girl.

– Karl