Libby, SA

Just want to tell you please don’t change:). You are a big inspiration to me.  I feel finally that real people that speak with honesty and passion have a voice.

Mike, WA

Your appearance on Kitchen Cabinet was one of the best things I have seen on television.  It brought back very vidid memories of my time living in Tasmania – you carry that maverick spirit with you!

I wish our Parliament was full of people who had life experience, as you have had.

Best for the upcoming election.  Long may you be a thorn in their sides.

Jacqualine, VIC

I have always admired your no-nonsense attitude.
Last night I saw you on Kitchen Cabinet and admire you.
You have many of my attributes – except I am older!!!

Vic, NSW
mate watched you the other night cooking a meal etc
was so impressed with your out look and honesty your demeanor is just so sincere, your compassion for veterans is nothing short of magical

Amanda, WA

Watched “Kitchen Cabinet” this morning [I recorded it from last night] and loved what I saw and heard–always thought you were too good for the Palmer Party.

I only wish I lived in Tas so you could be my Member.  You, young lady, [don’t forget I am your Mum’s age] are one special person.  Your passion for the care of Defence personal and for the youth in your area is inspiring. You are what the Government of Australia needs–normal people–OMG–making decisions for normal people!!  My reason for getting in touch with you is to wish you all the best for the coming  election and to offer you a bed if you ever decide to relocate to WA.  Also, I like the idea of “Jacqui’s Kitchen Cabinet”–maybe you and Annabel could combine to make a series–politically correct and not! No disrespect intended.

All the best Jacqui–I will watch your journey with much interest.
Philip, WA

saw you on ABC last night and………………………I think I LOVE you.

Go get ’em gal’.

Charles, Unknown

I was enthralled; I clapped; you held me in virtual adoration!

I cannot express adequately my gratitude for your emotional honesty and clarity.

I trust that at least 4.5% of the human electors of your redoubtable State will dedicate their primary vote to returning you to our Parliament. In which case, you will be returned.

Your electors will have acted with due sanity. I will rejoice in their choice.

Bryn, WA

Saw you on kitchen cabinet and I liked it.
Cheers for the straight talk, seems like you represent your people.

Bernadette, ACT

Just wanted to tell Jacquie she  was great on KItchen Cabinet and  we think  Jacquie  is getting better looking more comfortable  and sounding clearer  all the time 
Noelene, QLD
Good one,  I absolutely loved it and you.     Wish we had a few honest people like you in Qld.     Keep at them girl.

Jenny, TAS

Just a quick note to say I thought it was fabulous that on Kitchen Cabinet you used vegies from Hilltop Fresh. A great message to send our to ABC viewers Australia-wide.

Paul, TAS

Good on you Jacqui.. Watched the ABC TV show Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabbe. It didn’t do you any harm..

I (we, the public) do not have a great respect for most politicians, but you rose to the top of my list.  You would get my vote if I could get it to you. Keep up the good work.

Nicola, WA

I watched you on kitchen cabinet a few minutes ago with much interest

I really like Annsbelle Crabbe but not always her guests,  so I pick and choose.

I found you really interesting, a hard worker, dedicated and hanging on to your convictions through thick and thin. I could relate to your life in so many ways, even finding myself in Katherine in the 90’s. I don’t feel I’ve been as strong as you tho in standing up for myself. So I found your actions inspiring.

I didn’t feel distrust or ‘ oh yeah, sure mate’ when watching you.  It’s so disappointing when you can clearly see your pollies are lying and avoiding.

I really feel this show will have won you many new supporters like myself.

Peter, SA

I just wanted to say – keep doing what your doing.

And I say this as a labor/green (also live inner city – though it’s Adelaide) voter pretty much (though I vote below the line in the Senate always and never use “how to vote” cards – bit fickle and I vote on the person)

You are a breath of fresh air in politics.  Yes I send this after seeing Kitchen Cabinet – but myself and others like me, have watched and listened to you.  I don’t always agree with what you say, but there are a number of issues I love what you say and stand for.  Anyway – campaign time is always a rough time.  I just wanted to send you a message of support – and I really hope to see you back in the Senate.

Tony, TAS

Thanks for letting us into your home and providing a valued insight onto your persona. Our parliament needs diverse, strong and compassionate representation.

Not sure if I could vote for you, but I really love what you do and how you do it.

Stay strong and keep up the good work.

Chris, NSW

I would never even contemplate  writing to you, however I watched you with Annabel Crab and thought …. Wow you are not quite the  bimbo that I had and a great percentage of the voting public initially had  dismissed. (sorry)

Jacqui I shall donate to your campaign to be elected, your RAW passion is impressive your subtle dismissal of Corey Bernardi (sic) warmed the cockles of my heart..

Kate, TAS

Just saw you on Kitchen Cabinet and thought you were GREAT.  I don’t watch anything with Politicians in it even the news but you are sooo down to earth, a real person, that I decided to watch.  I want always agree with you on everything but it is so nice to know that there is at least one real person in the Senate that has worked in Woolies done Bar work seen at bit of the world,  had a child in trouble and not hidden it, before entering the Everyone for themselves world of politics I just had to send you a congratulations.

Keep doing what your doing, but remember to stay a real person, not everyone will appreciate you but just know some of us do.

I am old enough to remember the 70’s so sock it to ’em baby and keep that 4×2 handy.

Anne, ACT

Just watched your Kitchen Cabinet episode.   You presented and responded so well.   Annabel Crabbe can ask pertinent and tricky questions but you were quick-witted and handled the programme well.   I’ve been impressed by how much you have grown as a Senator;   you have remained authentic and you haven’t lost your spirit.    I think that you deserve to be re-elected and I wish you well.   If I was in the Tasmanian electorate,  you would have my vote.   Good luck!

Nicole, VIC

Hey Jacqui, I don’t normally reach out to poppies but your candid, truthful and very personal appearance on ABC just demonstrated to me your true gut/ self and as an ex AJ wife, hats off to u for being so honest and straight. Really enjoyed getting to see you and a truthful talk on everything, no BS and just saying the ****  like it is. Your great and would be a top chick to know, thank you Jacqui, I really hope all peeps with commonsense like us get it too. Wish u all the best and stay strong and honest mate

Maggie, VIC

Dear Jacqui, I watched you on Kitchen Cabinet last night.  Jacqui you are an inspiration!

I have watched almost every episode of Kitchen Cabinet and I have to say that you cam across as one of the most relaxed and natural of all of Annabel’s participants.

Your personal struggle with depression, disability and weight gain and your transition to the impressive political warrior you have become is just fantastic.  Such determination.

I think we need more independents in Canberra not less.  I wish you all the very best in the upcoming election.  Go Jacqui!