Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie secured more than $23 billion in additional funding for Australian schools with her vote on Gonski 2.0.

“This package is what Gonski should have always been,” she said.

“It’s not perfect, but it’s a big improvement, and thanks to the negotiating of the crossbench, it’s been improved even more.

Some of the changes negotiated by Senator Lambie and her colleagues include:

• More funding being spent faster and under-funded schools will now have the proper resources to teach their students
• Nearly $50 million in additional funding over the next twelve months to help Catholic and independent schools transition
• A National School Resourcing Body to review the model’s rollout, that will guarantee transparency and accountability.

“I have fought for and delivered a special, additional $20 million in funding for Tasmanian schools, to absorb the cost of transitioning to the new model, and to supplement disability funding and funding for Tasmanian literacy and numeracy programs,” Senator Lambie said.

“This is on top of the additional $594 million Tasmanian schools will receive from the Commonwealth over the next 10 years.

“This has set a foundation that’s faithful to David Gonski’s vision for needs-based funding.

“It’s a chance now for Labor to invest into a system that puts the most money where there is the most need – not just the most votes.

“And if they’re genuine in wanting to invest more for our schools, I’ll back them too.

“There’s more to be done, but this is a step in the right direction.”