About Jacqui


Born on the North West Coast of Tasmania, this mother of 2 boys served as a soldier in the Australian Defence Force between 1989-2000. She was subsequently injured and became a passionate campaigner for veterans.

Jacqui’s interests include serving the less fortunate in our community, be they disadvantaged through injury or illness, poverty or circumstance.

Jacqui has worked as a membership ambassador for the Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is involved in the RSL and the Rotary Club of Somerset. She has organised north-west Tasmanian blue light discos for youngsters, and is passionate about youth intervention services.

Indigenous acknowledgement and respect for Australia’s Aboriginal traditional owners is a cultural cornerstone for Jacqui who traces her family history over six generations to the celebrated Aboriginal chieftain of the Tasmania east coast, Mannalargenna.

Quotes from her First Speech to the Australian Senate

“I was born in north-west Tasmania and went to high school at Devonport High, and not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become a politician. I have had my fair share of good luck mixed with plenty of hard knocks and I have survived. I believe that everyone is entitled to a second chance and sometimes a third and fourth chance, but more importantly everybody is entitled to a fair go.”

“In the Australian Army I learned to understand the true cost of freedom. My military service taught me that our democratic rights, privileges, freedoms and great Aussie lifestyle have been gifted to us by many brave generations who had to work, fight and sacrifice. They did without, died and put our welfare before theirs. I want to look after our veterans, protect past generations’ great legacies and make Tasmania a better place for my grandchildren and their children.”
“During my time in this place, I will look for every opportunity to advance Tasmania’s interests. God bless Australia. God bless my Tasmania and our beautiful Southern Cross.”

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