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GST debate is an old distraction to limit political harm and discussion on more important issues standard

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal government not to waste time and properly deal with 3 important issues first – before indulging themselves in a GST policy debate which – (in the words of Kenny) will outlast religion. “Nothing is going to happen to our GST in the 5 parliamentary weeks before Xmas, but our Veterans and Dairy Farmers will continue to kill themselves because of avoidable and solvable crises in our Dairy industry and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.” said Senator Lambie. “So it’s about time the Australian Government and media got its priorities right and properly dealt with the 3 issues the majority of Australians want fixed – right now.  If I were a ...

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Federal and State Governments must stop further flood damage to Mersey River, which threatens Latrobe standard

JLN Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie is calling on both Federal and State Liberal Governments to listen carefully to the concerns of the Latrobe landowners and primary producers following Tasmania’s biggest floods in more than 60 years. Senator Lambie visited local landowners at Latrobe, listened to what they had to say about a new flood threat to the township of Latrobe and placed their concerns on two 30sec Youtubes: Click below to view “The Latrobe landowners and primary producers are concerned the Mersey River will cut a new path, which will bypass existing bridges and eventually threaten the Latrobe Township,” Senator Lambie said. “It is up to the Federal and Tasmanian Governments to work together to prevent this likely ...

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