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Changes to Tasmanian definition of Aboriginal welcome – but independent investigation into the management of hundreds of millions is also needed: Lambie standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed the Tasmanian State Government’s policy change, which overhauls how Aboriginal eligibility is determined but has called for a forensic audit into the management of Tasmania’s public funds for Indigenous people. Senator Lambie has placed her call on YouTube: “ I want a forensic audit of at least a decade’s worth of state and federal financial records relating to Tasmanian indigenous affairs.  If money has gone missing or been misappropriated, I want the guilty to be held accountable,” said Senator Lambie. “I welcome the Tasmanian State Government’s policy change, which adjusts how Aboriginal eligibility is determined.  It’s something I’ve been calling for since I was elected.  I believe that Premier Hodgman didn’t have much of ...

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Independent Research indicates Liberal’s cuts to Medicare Pathology Bulk Billing Incentive Rates may be bigger than Health Minister is letting on: Lambie standard

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on Liberal Minister Sussan Ley to disclose all Health Department figures relating to the Government’s proposed MEYFO cuts to Medicare Pathology Bulk Billing incentive rates. Senator Lambie’s call comes after she received an independent Parliamentary Library report on the matter and then interviewed Tasmanian medical scientist Richard Hanlon who is practice manager of one of the State’s biggest pathology testing businesses. Click below to view Senator Lambie’s interview with Tasmanian Medical Scientist Richard Hanlon the Practice Manager of Sonic Health Care. “The Parliamentary Library study I commissioned (See here) clearly describes what bulk billing incentive payments will be affected by the Liberal’s cuts to Medicare.  In addition to the Health Minister’s announced cuts ...

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Lambie attends Australian Shipping Conference in Melbourne. standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has attended the Coastal Trading meeting or shipping conference in Melbourne today and delivered an opening address.  The Coastal Trading meeting attracted more than 75 people who represented all sectors of the Australian Shipping and Maritime industry. As well as Senator Lambie who attended and addressed the conference, crossbench Senators Muir, Madigan and Rice (Greens) also made contributions.  Senator Lambie noted and was disappointed that Australia’s major political parties failed to send elected political representatives to this important meeting. “I’m particularly disappointed that the Government elected representatives failed to attend and contribute to the debate.  It shows that they don’t want a consensus shipping reform plan to be presented to Parliament – and they ...

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Lambie prepares for Australian Shipping Conference in Melbourne standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie will attend the Coastal Trading meeting or shipping conference in Melbourne tomorrow to build on the group work she has carried out previously in September last year – in an effort to produce a solution to properly remedy, the Australian shipping and maritime crisis. “ Unfortunately, the Liberal / National government have deliberately lied to the Australian people when they presented their Coastal Shipping legislation to our Parliament late last year.  If the Coalition’s legislation would have passed the Senate – then the destruction of Australia’s home-grown maritime industry and thousands of local jobs, would have been guaranteed,” said Senator Lambie. “Essentially, the Liberal’s solution to our maritime crisis was to register all our ...

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Access to a secret government report not as “extraordinary” as some would have you believe standard

“… this government needs and must be held to account for their action – or inaction, on the information held in the secret files of the Heydon Royal Commission. If the Senate can’t hold the government to account on behalf of the Australian people – who will?” Independent Senator of Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has panned certain media for describing the Turnbull government act of giving crossbench senators access to secret volumes of the Heydon Royal Commission Report on trade unions as “extraordinary”. “Using this language is a sly and subtle attempt to take the focus away from extraordinary threats to the Australian State detailed in the Heydon secret reports, while creating a political bias against crossbench senators. The reporting tries to ...

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Lambie slams Liberals for racist slur and demands greater scrutiny of money from non-democratic China standard

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on Liberal leaders Premier Will Hodgman and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discipline Tasmanian state Liberal Minister Rene Hidding, who inferred yesterday there were racist undertones in her stance against the sale of Van Diemens Land (VDL) Company to a Chinese company. “Yesterday during the debate surrounding the sale of VDL, we saw the same kind of sly, dishonest, cheap political shots that were leveled at opponents, (including myself) of the China Free Trade Agreement. “These low personal criticisms from Liberal politicians are simply designed to shut down debate and limit public scrutiny of investment from China, which a ABC Four Corners report found is very different and dangerous from investment from democratic countries like Japan, South ...

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Lambie opposes sale of Australia’s Biggest Dairy Company (VDL) in the National Interest standard

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has supported fellow crossbench senators and has used YouTube to call on Treasurer Scott Morrison to use his legislative powers and immediately stop, in the national interest, the sale to foreign investors of Van Diemens Land (VDL) Company. “Regardless of what the recommendations of a flawed Foreign Investment Review Board process are, which I’ve spoken about in parliament – it’s clear to ordinary Tasmanians that the sale of Australia’s biggest dairy company to Chinese investors is not in the state or national interest,” Senator Lambie said. “Treasurer Morrison should listen to the people and use his legislative powers to put a stop to this sale immediately. One of my Network’s core policies is to always protect ...

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Joint Statement by Cross Bench Senators against sale of VDL standard

We the undersigned Senators of the Australian Parliament, call on the Government of Malcolm Turnbull, and in particular Treasurer Scott Morrison, to reject the proposed foreign sale of Australia’s biggest dairy, Van Diemen’s Land Company. This is Australia’s biggest and most productive dairy with a huge potential for future growth in Australian hands. We urge that the Foreign Investment Review Board reject this proposed sale so that Australian investors have an opportunity to give an alternate bid where the emphasis is Australian ownership and the social and economic benefits that flow from that. This 20,000 hectares of prime dairy country and refuge for the endangered Tasmanian Devil is a priceless asset and it is clearly in the national interest for ...

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Medicare Bulk Billing Rates message to Prime Minister Turnbull – stop messing around and making women’s cancer checks more expensive standard

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has supported local Burnie resident Kalhi Deegan’s call for the Liberal Government to stop messing around with Medicare Bulk Billing Rates. Click below to view 1 min YouTube – with Kalhi’s message to PM “I will do whatever it takes in the Australian Senate – including voting against all Liberal/National Government Legislation – to stop Malcolm Turnbull and his incompetent Health Minister Sussan Ley from increasing the cost for Australian women to access vital Cancer health checks.” said Senator Lambie. “I agree with Tasmanian businesswoman Kalhi Deegan 100%. Health Minister Sussan Ley and PM Turnbull must stop messing with our Medicare Bulk Billing rates. Australian women should never be forced to pay $30 for pap ...

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