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Lambie answers questions from an Australian Journalist about the ABC’s Q&A standard

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent questions by a journalist from The Australian regarding the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar on ABC’s Q&A last Monday, has made the following statement: “Like many Australians I watched the ABC’s Q&A last Monday and enjoyed the show. I’m disappointed to learn that the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar, who queried Pauline Hanson, has  also resorted to publishing personal insults about me. “In relation to his questions – I think it’s valuable to note that Pauline handled them well and contributed to an important public debate about Islam, radicalization and terrorism. The only disappointment I have is that Mr Elomar and others (including Sam Dastyari) were not questioned about their attitude toward Sharia Law. “Do they support ...

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Only PM Turnbull and Premier Hodgman to blame if Tasmania’s bid for a $50M new Tourism site fails standard

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent meetings with Premier Will Hodgman, Senator Eric Abetz and the Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens – District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen – has named the Prime Minister and State Premier the only people to blame – should Tasmania’s bid for ex-HMAS Tobruk fail. Click below to view YouTube conversation between Senator Elect Lambie and Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens – District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen “At this late stage of the Navy bid process – only the Australian Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier can save a project that is guaranteed to generate at least an extra $50M into the Northern ...

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Scrap CHAFTA before risking the troops’ lives in China blue standard

Tasmanian JLN Independent Senator Elect Jacqui Lambie has called on all political parties to support the scrapping of CHAFTA before risking the lives of our troops in freedom of navigation or other defence exercises in the South China Seas. “Australia meekly signing a bad trade deal with China last year has encouraged their Communist Government – and contributed to their aggressive, dangerous and bad international behavior in Asian International waters which we rely on for 60% of our more than $660B of two way international trade. So why risk our sailors lives and war with China in freedom of Navigation exercises in international Asian waters .. when Australia could cancel CHAFTA (China Free Trade Deal) until China respects international law?” ...

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Lambie will fight insurance industry for flood-affected businesses standard

Independent JLN Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has placed insurance companies on notice – amid growing community concerns that they are not honouring their contracts with Tasmanians affected by recent floods. “If evidence emerges that insurance companies are not treating Tasmanians fairly, I will take the issue before Parliament.  If I have my way, one of the first jobs for a Senate Committee will be to look closely at the practices of the whole Australian insurance industry. I look forward to questioning, under oath and before a Senate Committee, every major insurance executive in Australia about the way they conduct their business,” said Senator Lambie. “They will be held to account by the way they conduct business – especially ...

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4 Immediate and Important matters for Tasmania must be addressed before the next parliament sits standard

Independent JLN Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has promised to co-operate and consult with all elected to the new Parliament to deliver a stable government and has urged all to focus on 4 immediate and important matters: $1.2B of Aged Care Cuts Nationally ($40M of Tasmanian cuts & 750 jobs threatened 2. Liberal and Labor removal of School Kids Bonus and Family Tax Benefits 3. Establishment of 50c Per/Litre Milk Levy for Dairy Farmers 4. Government Defence and other contracts to help increase local job and training opportunities “In addition to addressing and fixing my 4 important matters, my message to whoever is going to form the new government – is to learn the lessons of the past and ...

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