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Islam is not the religion of Peace standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has used a speech in the Australian Senate to prove why it’s false to say that Islam is a religion of peace. “Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan OBE FRSL was a British military historian, lecturer, writer and journalist. “He wrote 25 military history books, including “A history of Warfare” which was described by the UK Sunday telegraph as “Magnificent”. The book also won the Duff Cooper Prize. In other words Mr President – its an impeccable historical source. “On page 33 where John Keegan writes about the differences between Christianity and Islam he says: and I quote: Muhammad, unlike Christ, was a man of violence: he bore arms, was wounded in battle and preached ...

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Government questioned about illicit drug testing for income support recipients standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has questioned the Liberal Government about their Illicit Drug Testing policy for income support recipients. In a further speech to Parliament after the question Senator Lambie shared with the Senate results of a Parliamentary Library research brief which examined in a range of countries the drug testing history of welfare recipients – and expressed her support for this policy. “There may be some Australians who were offended by the suggestion contained in my questions to the Attorney General to day to test Dole recipients for illicit drug – and all I would say to those people is this: If you want to use illicit drugs, then go and get a job. Receiving Government welfare ...

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Murdoch Reporter knows more about fighting Terrorists than an Australian Terrorism expert!!??: Lambie audio

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has slammed comments made by Murdock reporter Samantha Maiden regarding the JLN’s plan for the air delivery of food and medical aid to the children and families caught behind the frontlines in Syria. “ I don’t know where Sam Maiden gets her information from, about how to fight terrorists – but it’s obvious she and her colleagues think they know more about attacking and undermining terrorists, than Hugh Dolan, my Senate Candidate for Victoria, who helped create the JLN policy for the Middle East. Hugh is a retired RAAF Squadron Leader and military Intelligence officer who did a couple of tours of active service in the Middle East in 2003. Before Hugh joined the Australian ...

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Do you think Australian Islamic religious leaders should renounce Sharia Law, or the “terrorist law”? standard

 Media Statement 17.11.15   Australian Citizens’ Safety must come first before agreeing to an intake of 12,000 Syrian Refugees: Lambie   Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie called for better scrutiny and vetting of all refugees, including the proposed 12,000 from Syria following the latest Islamic extremist slaughter in Paris. “Australian Citizens’ safety must always come first – and it’s clear by the success of Islamic State sponsored or inspired terror attacks, that the refugee vetting process has not only failed in France – but also in other western countries including Australia. No-one can rationally argue against that fact.” said Senator Lambie. While I don’t agree with President Obama on many matters (I believe his weak leadership has helped Islamic State ...

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Lambie calls for Craft Distillery Industry Tax Reform standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has used a Senate adjournment speech to make public the details of a letter she sent to Prime Minister Turnbull, which calls for Craft Distillery Industry Tax Reform. “In Tasmania alone, there are at least 14 distilleries, (among more than 50 Australia wide) which produce some of the finest Whiskeys and Gins in the world.” said Senator Lambie. “My speech to the Senate and letter to the PM was inspired by my visit to award winning Whiskey Distiller – Lark Distillery where I met Bill Lark. Bill is a proud Tasmanian who has worked hard and now is one of the best whisky makers in the world.” said Senator Lambie. “Under the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) ...

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Shenhua Mine Protest standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to personally intervene and stop a Chinese state-owned mine from being established in the middle of some of Australia’s best prime farming land at the Liverpool Plains, Breeza, NSW. Senator Lambie has also renewed her call for the PM to support the creation of a national policy that protects Australia’s prime agricultural land, which only covers 3.4% of our nation’s land mass. “If it can happen at Breeza, it can happen anywhere in Australia. This is the wrong mine in the wrong place. Everyone knows it, including Prime Minister Turnbull who visited Breeza a few years ago. Mr Turnbull made a big impression – a positive impression ...

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