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Senate supports Lambie’s call for Army to produce tens of thousands of hrs of official videos, likely to show naked soldiers being abused and sexually denigrated standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie won the support of the Senate this week when her motion (see RTI notice of motion) calling for a production of documents by the Defence Minister passed unopposed. “I was first alerted to the fact that something was very wrong with the training of our Special Force soldiers and others – by SAS whistle-blower Trooper Evan Donaldson. Evan reported to me that the Australian Army for decades have electronically recorded a Resistance to Interrogation (RTI) course where thousands of soldiers have been brutally assaulted, bound, hooded, stripped naked, abused and sexually denigrated.” said Senator Lambie. “So I asked some questions on notice from the Chief of Army – who confirmed in writing the ...

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People power killed off in the Senate standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie last night voted with the Government to give power back to the people over the same-sex marriage question.  “I was very disappointed that Labor, the Greens, and other Crossbench Senators combined to kill off people power in the Senate. Last night, we had an opportunity to put the question of gay marriage before the people of Australia – and politics got in the way,” said Senator Lambie. “I stand by what I said to the Senate yesterday, namely: After the people have their say – no matter what the result – there will be people – who for very good and legitimate reasons – will have very hurt feelings. If a plebiscite of the ...

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