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Launch of JLN Victorian Senate Candidates standard

Lambie Media Alert Announcement of Victorian Senate Candidates for JLN Tasmanian independent Senator Jacqui Lambie, will be available for media comment today, when she introduces her two Victorian Senate candidates to the media. Senator Lambie will introduce Hugh Dolan, as her number 1 Victorian Senate Candidate for the JLN (Jacqui Lambie Network) Where: Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria. When: Today Friday 16th October 2015, from 9.30 am. Contact 0407 904 134

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Lambie calls on Tasmanian and Federal Governments to listen to business community and find a solution for Natural Gas Price Crisis standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made a speech in parliament last night – which calls on the Tasmanian Liberal government and the Liberal federal government to find a solution to a looming natural gas price crisis. “Last night I alerted the Parliament to a conversation my office recently had with Mr Wayne Bould – one of Tasmania’s most respected business people – who warned that increases of up to 40% for the price for our Natural Gas prices could occur for all commercial users  – once the contract for the Bell Bay power station run out with Pallasides in late 2017.” said Senator Lambie. “I’m very concerned about Mr Bould’s warnings. Tasmanian business, pensioners and families can’t afford to ...

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Lambie agrees with Twiggy Forrest’s Healthy Welfare Key Card trial – and wants it rolled out in Tasmanian standard

Following a trip to Ceduna, South Australia, Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has voted for a healthy welfare key card trial in the community, with the hope of success so it can be implemented in Tasmania. “I had, and still have reservations about the manner in which this trial is to be conducted, as the Ceduna community felt they hadn’t been consulted with,’’ Senator Lambie said. “However, our kids are needlessly suffering, because too much of our welfare money is being spent on illicit drugs and alcohol. Our mums and dads with diminished capacity through addictions and mental health disabilities are needlessly suffering because too much of our welfare money is being spent on illicit drugs and alcohol. Once the teething ...

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Lambie offers support for Crossbench Senators, but again calls for Barnaby’s resignation standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has agreed to support her fellow crossbench Senators in two of their calls relating to implementing the Murray – Darling Basin Plan, however she disagrees on their call to appoint Barnaby Joyce as Minister for water. “The Shenhua mine crisis shows Barnaby Joyce, has failed to look after the interests of Australian farmers and the environment, including underground water – in his own electorate …how can you trust him to look after the interests of farmers and the environment/water  for our whole nation, when he’s failed to do so in his own back yard? I still stand by my call for Barnaby to resign – if his government allows this Chinese government owned Shenhua mine ...

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Lambie questions government about Chinese Political Donations and Chinese Free Trade Deal standard

I refer the minister to a recent ABC 4 Corners’ report, which says: (and I quote) “But there are hidden dangers in doing business with China: endemic corruption; a lack of transparency in both business and the legal system, and questions about where the money is coming from and whether ill-gotten gains are being laundered. China (is) by far the biggest exporter of illicit capital.”  And “With billions of dollars flowing out of China, international money laundering experts are warning that some of it is making its way into Australia” I also refer the Minister to Australian Electoral commission figures that show since 2007 the Liberal Party have accepted almost $2 million in political donations from two businessmen closely linked ...

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Are we seeing a political payoff for the Chinese Government in the current ChAFTA deal? standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has called on the Liberal, National and Labor Parties to give a guarantee that $5.5M worth of political donations they received from people linked to the Chinese government – have not influenced their approach and attitude to the Chinese Free Trade deal. (ChAFTA) “Figures made public by the AEC and detailed in a speech I made to the Senate:;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2F812a4ed6-40e8-4fa9-be41-ad15fcb8e050%2F0178%22 .. combined with research from the ABC’s Dylan Welsh and Jodie Noyce: … show that since 2007-08 till present day, almost $5.5M has been donated to the Liberal, National and Labor parties of Australia by 3 businessmen strongly linked to the Chinese government. There could be more political gifts linked to China, however ...

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Opinion Piece – China Free Trade standard

Let’s get a few things straight first, so there’s no confusion between us. When it comes to expressing my strong reservations about ChAFTA or the China Free Trade Deal, it’s not because I don’t like Chinese people – and I want to discriminate against them. Like every Australian, who values the democratic freedoms and liberties our troops over the years have shed blood for – I’m just very suspicious of people who push totalitarian ideologies. And I whole-heartedly discriminate against those people and governments who are anti-democratic. Even if they have big armies and lots of money, I’m not afraid of them. I’m not going to bow down to anyone who is a bully, thief, liar and international human rights ...

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Jacqui Lambie welcomes Tasmanian Senate Candidate Rob Waterman to the JLN standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has revealed that Rob Waterman will be a Tasmanian Senate Candidate for the JLN. “Rob is already doing a great job serving the people of our state as the CEO of Rural Health Tasmania. He has a passion to help people recover from and find solutions to family violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and mental illness. He understands what some of the main issues and challenges that ordinary Tasmanians are facing – and importantly Rob knows how crucial and cost effective it is, to put in place early intervention programs and solutions.” said Senator Lambie. “Rob Waterman agrees with, and strongly supports JLN’s policy to introduce national laws, which give parents the right to ...

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Announcement of first Senate Candidate for JLN standard

Tasmanian independent Senator Jacqui Lambie will be available for media comment today, at Hard Yakka Youth Boot camp Susan River, Hervey Bay QLD. Senator Lambie will introduce to the media Bob Davis, her number 1 QLD Senate Candidate for the JLN (Jacqui Lambie Network) Where: The back of Susan River Homestead, 1946 Hervey Bay Rd, QLD. When: Today from 11am (QLD Time – 10am Eastern Standard Daylight Savings time)

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