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Lambie calls on all Canning Candidates to cough up on Defence Policies standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has called on all the candidates in WA’s Canning by-election to come clean on their defence polices and indicate whether they support her network’s defence policies which: Links defence personnel pay rises to that of politicians or CPI which ever was higher and Guarantees all ADF members who have served in war or war-like conditions, the automatic grant of a Health Gold Card upon discharge. The Senator’s call comes after Liberal members of the Senate once again – after praising Senator Lambie during this week’s Matter of Public Importance debate on defence pay – …  indicated that they would not even support a debate for her private members Defence Fair Pay Bill – which still languishes ...

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Change of PM welcomed: Lambie standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed Australia’s change in Prime Ministers. “I hope that the swap to Mr Turnbull ends the unnecessary economic harm and political chaos that the Liberal and National parties have forced on the Australian people and parliament over the past 2 years. When the history books are written – the facts will show that it was the independent cross bench senators who protected the pensioners, uni-students, farmers, diggers, unemployed, single parents and veterans from the Liberal / National horror budget of 2014 – and guaranteed community consultation .” said Senator Lambie. “Personally I like Malcolm Turnbull, and have had a number of successful meetings with him. (see attached) It’s a good thing that I’ve established ...

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China Free Trade Deal: How can you trust Abbott to protect Australian Jobs? standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has released a short YouTube Clip where she interviews the Australian Business man who was told by an Abbott Government official – to sack his Ozzie workers and hire cheap overseas labor. “ I was shocked when I heard that respected maritime business man Mr Bill Milby – from North Star Cruises had been told by an Abbott government official that, if he wanted to make more money and compete with the foreign competition (after its let in by proposed Liberal changes to the Coastal Shipping Act) Bill should sack his Australian crew onboard his Australian built cruise liner and replace them with cheap foreign workers.” said Senator Lambie. “ So I invited Bill into ...

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Herald Sun Reporter Compromises Senator’s Son’s Rehab standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made a short personal statement to the Australian Senate regarding the intervention of a reporter in her Ice addicted son’s rehabilitation. Senator Lambie official statement is as follows: – “Mr President, Today I referred journalist Stephen Drill to the Press Council of Australia for investigation after he interviewed and posted a video of my son for the Herald Sun and other Murdoch media websites. Mr President, unlike Mr Drill, my purpose in publically disclosing controversial personal information about my son – was to protect and persuade him to voluntarily accept ice detox and drug rehabilitation, because we don’t have involuntary detox in the country. It was a risk, however I felt I had ...

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Liberals new Veterans’ Affairs legislation more reason to sack Veterans’ Affairs Minister Ronaldson: Lambie standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has once again called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to sack his Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael Ronaldson, after two independent legal assessments of the latest Veterans’ Affairs Amendments before Parliament, show that the Coalition is about to undermine the rights of people who have volunteered to serve, fight and die for Australia. “After reading independent feed back from Veterans’ Affairs legal specialists – Lawyers Slater and Gordon and KCI Lawyers, the alarm bells have rung. The Liberal Government have tried to sneak through the Senate, Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (2015 Budget Measures) Bill 2015 – by labelling it non-controversial – when there is plenty of controversy surrounding it.” said Senator Lambie. “Both lawyers essentially agree that ...

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