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Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 standard

I rise to speak on the Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. To an outsider, Australian shipping laws can be very complex and daunting. However, this government legislation boils down to one simple question: do the Australian people want an Australian shipping industry? If the answer is yes then this legislation must be strongly rejected, because, if this Liberal National Party legislation passes this Senate, the Australian shipping industry will be killed and thousands of direct and indirect Australian jobs will be destroyed in the process. I will not stand by and allow this government to betray the Australian people and future generations in such a reckless and treasonous manner. The government’s official summary of the act reads: Amends: the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012 ...

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Adjournment: Islam, DVA standard

I rise firstly to express my sincere condolences to the people of France and to the innocent victims of the latest Islamic terrorist attacks. France has a special place in the story of the fight for democracy, liberty and freedom, and Australia has a special relationship with France and the French values of democracy, liberty and freedom. Forty-five of Australia’s 100 Victoria Cross winners were awarded our nation’s ultimate symbol of bravery while fighting in France during World War I against a totalitarian regime. Many media have asked me if I stand by my comments about the Grand Mufti of Australia—and I stand by them 100 per cent. He has failed to unconditionally condemn the ISIS terrorists, their actions and their law — sharia law — ...

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QWN: Illicit drugs standard

Senator LAMBIE: My question without notice is directed to the Attorney-General and Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Brandis. I refer the senator to a Parliamentary Library brief I commission which states, in part: (a) drug testing for welfare applicants and recipients has been proposed by governments in the UK and Canada. (b) the idea has been discussed in Australia but so far the current federal government has ruled it out and has put it back in the two-hard basket. (c) there are no obvious constitutional obstacles to introducing drug testing for income support recipients in Australia. Will the government support testing for illicit drugs for income support recipients in Australia? Senator BRANDIS: Senator Lambie, thank you for raising the issue. It is an ...

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Remembrance Day standard

Today is Remembrance Day, and I would like to pay tribute to all Australians who have served and sacrificed to ensure that we live in a beautiful and free democratic country. In relation to Tasmanian war casualties, Parliamentary Library research shows that 27 Tasmanians were killed in the South African Boer War. In World War I, 2,432 Tasmanians were killed. In World War II, over 1,100 Tasmanians were killed. In the Korean War, 22 Tasmanians were killed. In the Indonesian Confrontation, two Tasmanians were killed. In the Vietnam War, 17 Tasmanians lost their lives. According to biographies provided on the Department of Defence website, of the Australian Defence Forces’ 41 casualties who died in the war in Afghanistan, two personnel ...

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Veterans’ Entitlements Amendment (Expanded Gold Card Access) Bill 2015 standard

An unprecedented veterans’ suicide and homelessness crisis grips Australia today. This crisis was created because of poor management of Australia’s military resources and defence personnel – by successive governments. These governments compounded their error by attempting to cover up the true nature and scale of our veterans’ suicide and homelessness crisis. The Veterans’ Entitlements Amendment (Expanded Gold Card Access) Bill 2015 I present to the Senate today will properly address our nation’s shameful veterans’ suicide and homelessness crisis. By guaranteeing with this legislation, automatic free access to the best possible medical treatment in Australia, for the men and women of our ADF and Federal Police, who have served their country in war or war-like operations this Parliament will stop the ...

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Adjournment: Taxation standard

I rise to bring to the attention of the Senate a letter requesting tax reform that I have sent to the Prime Minister on behalf of Australia’s craft distillery industry. In Tasmania alone, there are at least 14 distilleries, among more than 50 Australia wide, which produce some of the finest whiskies and gins in the world. Tonight, while I advocate for tax changes which will benefit all Australian craft distillers, in particular I invite all who hear this message to visit Tasmania so that they can eat, drink and be goddamn bloody merry. Due to time constraints, I will read an edited extract of my letter to the Prime Minister, which says: Dear Prime Minister I am writing to ...

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ChAFTA standard

I rise to contribute to the debate on the two bills before the Senate which give a green light to an unfair trade deal between China and Australia—the Customs Amendment (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2015 and the Customs Tariff Amendment (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2015—and to indicate the JLN’s strong opposition to this legislation. Before I explain the detail of my opposition to the bills before the Senate I think it is important to state an obvious fact that both Labor and Liberal party members choose to ignore. As these bills are being debated in this place, trouble on a grand scale is brewing in the South China Sea because of the expansionist, aggressive and bullying ...

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Matters of Public Importance: Goods and Services Tax standard

I rise to contribute to the matter of public importance before the Senate—namely, the Abbott-Turnbull governments plan to impose a 15 per cent GST. The first point to acknowledge in this debate is that the Abbott-Turnbull government plans to increase the GST after the next election. So the next election will essentially be a referendum on whether the Australian people want to pay more for their food, health care, education, fuel and rent through an increase in the goods and services tax or whether they want the GST to remain at the promised 10 per cent. For the record, I would like the people of Tasmania and other states of Australia to know that the JLN will never support an ...

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