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Gonski 2.0 will deliver more for Tasmanian schools standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie secured more than $23 billion in additional funding for Australian schools with her vote on Gonski 2.0. “This package is what Gonski should have always been,” she said. “It’s not perfect, but it’s a big improvement, and thanks to the negotiating of the crossbench, it’s been improved even more. Some of the changes negotiated by Senator Lambie and her colleagues include: • More funding being spent faster and under-funded schools will now have the proper resources to teach their students • Nearly $50 million in additional funding over the next twelve months to help Catholic and independent schools transition • A National School Resourcing Body to review the model’s rollout, that will guarantee transparency ...

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Healthy Welfare Card; Fast Cat; Pensioners; Backpacker Tax; ADF Welfare Board standard

I recently returned from Ceduna, South Australia, where the Healthy Welfare Card is undergoing trials and turning up some interesting results. The feedback I have received from the community indicates that alcohol consumption is down and gambling is down, and the community seemed happy with the results when I visited recently. However, if the roll-out for the Healthy Welfare Card is not managed well, the potential for harmful unintended consequences is great, which is why I have made my support conditional. This is something Tasmania could really benefit from, but I will support the roll-out of the Healthy Welfare Card if the following five conditions are agreed to by the federal government. First, I want to introduce laws that give ...

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Climate change standard

I rise to speak on the matter of urgency put to the Senate by the Greens, which is: The record-breaking coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and Kimberley reefs and the choice between the Adani coal mine and healthy reefs. This matter of urgency is fundamentally dishonest and part of the usual Greens environmental scare campaign to gain attention.  Clearly, this matter of urgency is trying to establish a link between the establishment of a coal mine in North Queensland and coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and Kimberley reefs. There is no link between coal mines in Queensland and coral bleaching, just like we will never stop climate change by making our pensioners, families and small businesses ...

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Lambie’s Senate Estimates questions reveal Tasmanian Government King Island complacency standard

During Senate Estimates today Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie’s questions, revealed the Tasmanian State Government have made no move to fix King Island’s freight crisis. “When I visited King Island late last year, I discovered it will lose its shipping service within 12 months, as the SeaRoad Mersey will be replaced by a larger vessel.’’ Senator Lambie said. “As a result, King Island Port needs an upgrade before it can accept any larger vessels. When I spoke to the King Island Shipping Group, they estimated the port needed a $60 million upgrade to satisfy the larger ships necessary to continue the King Island freight service. “When I asked the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Senate Estimates Committee, led by Senator ...

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Access to a secret government report not as “extraordinary” as some would have you believe standard

“… this government needs and must be held to account for their action – or inaction, on the information held in the secret files of the Heydon Royal Commission. If the Senate can’t hold the government to account on behalf of the Australian people – who will?” Independent Senator of Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has panned certain media for describing the Turnbull government act of giving crossbench senators access to secret volumes of the Heydon Royal Commission Report on trade unions as “extraordinary”. “Using this language is a sly and subtle attempt to take the focus away from extraordinary threats to the Australian State detailed in the Heydon secret reports, while creating a political bias against crossbench senators. The reporting tries to ...

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The Australian – Unions royal commission: senators get secret union report standard

January, 2016 The Turnbull government will take the extraordinary step of giving crossbench senators ­access to secret volumes of the Heydon royal commission report on trade unions in a desperate bid to end the stalemate with the independents over its industrial relations reforms. The Weekend Australian can reveal the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is arranging a viewing of the confidential parts of the report after crossbenchers Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus demanded to see the full report before deciding on key industrial relations bills stalled in the Senate. In a nod to the extreme sensitivity of the contents of the two volumes, kept secret from the public when the report was ­tabled on December 30, the government does not ...

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Parliamentary Library Research: Financial Assistance Grants to local government standard

1. When did grants to local governments first begin? The first series of grants to local government bodies occurred for the 1974-75 year and were provided for by the Local Government Grants Act 1974. In 1991-92, the Commonwealth began to provide additional amounts to the local government bodies with respect to local roads. Grants to local government are now provided for by the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995. When were they frozen and who was responsible? The freeze to the indexation of FAGs was announced by the current Government in the 2014-15 Budget in the following terms: 2. Local Government Financial Assistance Grants — pause indexation for three years Expense ($m)   2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 Department of ...

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Luke Brydon – Rubicon Sea Scouts standard

I was pleased to be given the opportunity to support Luke Brydon with his Jamboree fund. My contribution ensured Luke will be able to attend the 24th Australian Scout Jamboree in NSW in January. Luke told me he was looking forward to learning and having fun at this experience. I support and encourage young people engaging with their community through extra-curricular activities such as Sea Scouts or sports. Activities like this ensure young people learn vital skills like interpersonal skills, communication and team work to name a few!

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