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Thank you for your feedback after Kitchen Cabinet standard

Libby, SA Just want to tell you please don’t change:). You are a big inspiration to me.  I feel finally that real people that speak with honesty and passion have a voice. Mike, WA Your appearance on Kitchen Cabinet was one of the best things I have seen on television.  It brought back very vidid memories of my time living in Tasmania – you carry that maverick spirit with you! I wish our Parliament was full of people who had life experience, as you have had. Best for the upcoming election.  Long may you be a thorn in their sides. Jacqualine, VIC I have always admired your no-nonsense attitude. Last night I saw you on Kitchen Cabinet and admire you. You have many ...

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LinkedIn recommendations standard

This young lady stands tall, she has the capacity and ability to fight the good fight. As one of the top 7% of managers I would choose her to be with me, because I always say, don’t tell me just show me. And furthermore, I love her smile. – Col This lady has shown courage and resilience in her life and appears to pursue her goals with an attempt to gain an outcome.  This is a hard task in the days of bureaucracy and the media holding sway.  If I was running my department, I would like Jacqui on the team.  I am grateful that she has tackled the problem of ICe in the community and has spoken boldly for ...

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Medicare Bulk Billing Rates message to Prime Minister Turnbull – stop messing around and making women’s cancer checks more expensive standard

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has supported local Burnie resident Kalhi Deegan’s call for the Liberal Government to stop messing around with Medicare Bulk Billing Rates. Click below to view 1 min YouTube – with Kalhi’s message to PM “I will do whatever it takes in the Australian Senate – including voting against all Liberal/National Government Legislation – to stop Malcolm Turnbull and his incompetent Health Minister Sussan Ley from increasing the cost for Australian women to access vital Cancer health checks.” said Senator Lambie. “I agree with Tasmanian businesswoman Kalhi Deegan 100%. Health Minister Sussan Ley and PM Turnbull must stop messing with our Medicare Bulk Billing rates. Australian women should never be forced to pay $30 for pap ...

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Lauding Lambie – Genevieve Atkins standard

Senator Jacqui Lambie was guest speaker at an event I hosted on Wednesday. It was fantastic to hear the real Jacqui and what she believes in and to learn she is a passionate Tasmanian who is working tirelessly for Tasmania, tourism and the unemployed, to name a few issues on her agenda. She is determined to make a difference. They say there are not enough women in politics but you need to be a tough woman to take it on the job – Genevieve Atkins, Glebe. Source: The Hobart Mercury, August 7, 2015.

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Libby & Caleb’s trip to Canberra – wonderful bonding experience….. standard

Dear Jacqui, My 13yr old grandson, Caleb, and I would very much like to thank you for all the trouble you took in arranging a private tour through Parliament House, Canberra on 13th April 2015. We had both seen the Provisional Parliament before attending our appointment at 3pm and it was a delight to be able to see and compare both. Renate was our guide and I would like to congratulate her on her attendance to both of us, speaking directly to Caleb and asking him questions. He was very pleased to be included in the conversations and I’m sure he now has a better grasp of how the House of Representatives and the Senate work in governing our great ...

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Message from defence families re unfair pay deal standard

Dear Jacqui I’m an Aust. Defence Force spouse. I met you on the 1st of December when a group of us travelled to Canberra to present the petition opposing the ADF pay deal to parliament. Thank you so much for all of the support you’ve given our community! I know you are an extremely busy person, and appreciate the efforts you have made to change this outrageous deal. I’ve just made a video that I loaded onto youtube last night. A group of other defence families sent me photos and I’ve put them together. I thought you might like to see it. The people in it are all family members of current serving ADF personnel. Just copy and paste this ...

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Australian Story standard

Hello Jacqui, It was great to see you on Australian Story last night – to get to know you a bit more and where you’ve come from. It’s to refreshing to see a politician that’s not from the normal political puppet mould and can relate to people in a down to earth manner. You are like a lamp on a lampstand shining light into the world of politics and people will respect you for your truth and frankness. You make people (and me) laugh and put a smile on their faces. I earnestly hope that all goes well for you over the next 6 years and I know that you will have a big impact in determining the direction of ...

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