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Lambie joins Salmon workers in fight against Green Propaganda standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui has expressed disgust at the lengths the Greens will go to, to destroy jobs in Tasmania, after hearing they were attempting to trash the reputation of Tasmania’s salmon industry. The AWU’s Daniel Walton and Tassal’s Ben Wood met with Senator Lambie at Parliament House last week to discuss the Tasmanian salmon industry. (Please click below to view YouTube discussion between Senator Lambie, AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton and Tassal Salmon worker.) “The Tassie salmon industry has been rated number one in the world, and it has been for the last number of years. So the rest of the world looks to Tassie for guidance in terms of best practice, environmental standards, and using the best ...

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Senator Lambie and Mayor Martin meet with Government and Opposition to fight for long term bipartisan funding of Mersey Hospital standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie and Devonport Mayor, Steve Martin have met with both the Liberal Health Minister Greg Hunt and Labor opposition Shadow Health minister Catherine King in an effort to lock in long-term federal funding for the Mersey Community Hospital. Senator Lambie and Mayor Martin spoke about the meetings at Parliament house on Thursday 16.2.17 (Click below to view conversation on YouTube) “Last week during Federal Parliament, I organised separate meetings between Devonport Mayor Steve Martin, new Health Minister Greg Hunt, and Shadow Health Minister Catherine King, where Mayor Martin and myself were guaranteed bipartisan long-term funding solutions for the Mersey Community Hospital.” said Senator Lambie. “This is a great step forward. We left both meetings feeling ...

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Lambie explains why Sharia Law is an anti – democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has followed up her fiery clash with a Sharia law Supporter on ABC’s Q&A with the release of a YouTube interview which explains why Sharia Law is an anti – democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society. (Click Below to View Senator’s Statement on YouTube.) “Like most Australians I’m not an expert in Sharia law – but I’m going to make 6 quick obvious points. Sharia Law is: 1) Not Australian Law 2) Support for Sharia is an obvious sign of radicalisation and Terrorists are fighting to the death to force it on the rest of the world. 3) Sharia Law is Anti-democratic (show me a successful democracy in the Middle East..) ...

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Prohibition of Full Face Coverings in Public Places Bill 2017 standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has tabled in Parliament yesterday, a Private Members Bill which will make it an offence to wear full face coverings in a public place under Commonwealth jurisdiction, as well as making it offence to force another person or child to wear a full face covering – unless otherwise authorised or excused by law. Senator Lambie’s Bill links the prohibition of full face coverings to the National Terrorism Threat Level. The ban will be automatically activated when the terrorism threat level reaches the 3rd highest alert rating of ‘Probable’, and remains in place for “Expected” and “Certain” ratings. Currently Australia’s official 5 step terror alert level is set by the Government at “Probable”. “While the ...

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Happy the PM has copied my energy policies 2 years and 5 months later: Lambie standard

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed parts of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s National Press Club speech, where he predicted that electricity prices and energy security will be the defining political issues in the year ahead – two years and five months after Senator Lambie made her first Senate speech indicating that energy security and prices should influence all Australian political decision making. “On Wednesday 3rd of September 2014, I told the Senate in my First Speech that regarding energy and power: In this place as a Senator I will do my best to vote in and protect Tasmania’s and Australia’s best interests. In order to help determine what is in my state’s and nation’s best interests, I will ...

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Australian Spy Agency’s figures support Trump Immigration Ban standard

Click below to view ASIO answers to Senator Lambie’s questions Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Australia’s Attorney General and Minister responsible for Australia’s Domestic Spy Agency (ASIO) to detail how many people on our official terror watch list are not Islamic. “Last year the head of our domestic spy agency reluctantly told me, that the majority of the 190 Australian terrorist supporters on their official watch-list were Islamic. In fact, I have a strong suspicion that they are all Islamic – and it’s now up to the Attorney General to prove me wrong,” said Senator Lambie. The Government must stop the cover-up and political correctness – and release full details on our official terror watch list. ...

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3 Lambie Senate investigations into Defence and Vet. affairs still open for submissions standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called for Australian Defence Force Personnel, Veterans and their Families to continue to make submissions to 3 special Senate Committees. “To some Australians, because of a lack of mainstream media attention, it may come as a surprise that the Senate established 3 separate investigations into important Defence and Veterans Affairs matters.  I urge all people affected by these matters to make a submission.” said Senator Lambie. 1 Suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel On 1 September 2016 the Senate referred the following matter to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 March 2017 2 Operation of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) resistance to interrogation (RTI) training On ...

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S&P Questions during Senate Estimates Committee Hearings standard

Thursday 20 October 2016 Source : Senate Hansard, Economics Legislation Committee Participants:  Senator Lambie & Mr Wayne Byres – Chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Senator LAMBIE: In his effort to repair the budget, the Treasurer warned us about the risk to Australia’s AAA credit rating. I think this morning he talked about visiting the ratings agency S&P—or Standard & Poor’s. Do you know if that is correct? Mr Byres: I know it is correct that he talked about it, and I understand that, when he was in New York, he did so, but I was not there for the discussion, so I cannot confirm that. Senator LAMBIE: From your perspective, do you trust the rating assessments of ...

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