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Senate supports Lambie’s call for Army to produce tens of thousands of hrs of official videos, likely to show naked soldiers being abused and sexually denigrated standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie won the support of the Senate this week when her motion (see RTI notice of motion) calling for a production of documents by the Defence Minister passed unopposed. “I was first alerted to the fact that something was very wrong with the training of our Special Force soldiers and others – by SAS whistle-blower Trooper Evan Donaldson. Evan reported to me that the Australian Army for decades have electronically recorded a Resistance to Interrogation (RTI) course where thousands of soldiers have been brutally assaulted, bound, hooded, stripped naked, abused and sexually denigrated.” said Senator Lambie. “So I asked some questions on notice from the Chief of Army – who confirmed in writing the ...

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Fair Work (Registered Organisations) standard

This is the third time I have risen to briefly contribute to the debate on the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014, and for the third time I will vote against this government legislation. In division 3, this legislation takes away fundamental civil rights from blue-collar workers—like the right to silence, the presumption of innocence and freedom of association. I cannot in good conscience support extraordinary legislation which specifically targets union members and blue-collar workers while ignoring white collar crime and criminals. If the government were at the same time to introduce extraordinary legislation to parliament, which applied the same standards to all workers, both blue-collar and white-collar workers, then they would have my support. For example: if the ...

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ADJOURNMENT SPEECH 09-11-16 standard

Previously, in the 44th parliament, the Senate voted to support my motion to establish a special investigation. The investigation focused on alleged human rights abuses including torture, sexual assault, abuse and sexual denigration during the Australian Army’s training of our special forces soldiers. I ask that all senators in the next couple of days once again support the re-establishment of this inquiry through a vote for the motion of which I have given notice. Over the next 20 minutes I will detail new evidence from Defence whistleblowers and official written replies from the Army which strengthen the need for this independent inquiry. Click here to read the full speech: full speech here

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Speech: National Rural Women’s Coalition – Leadership and Politics standard

Today I gave a speech to the National Rural Women’s Coalition in Canberra today. Please see below transcript: It was a brutal 10-year battle with the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs to try and obtain proper medical treatment and secure all my defence force entitlements that led me to a crossroads. End the suffering once and for all – or change it – for me and everyone who had suffered just as I had. When the former didn’t work – you will have to buy my book next year to read the details – I seized my second chance and I set my course to help myself, and the thousands of veterans who would prefer to face the Taliban again than ...

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People power killed off in the Senate standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie last night voted with the Government to give power back to the people over the same-sex marriage question.  “I was very disappointed that Labor, the Greens, and other Crossbench Senators combined to kill off people power in the Senate. Last night, we had an opportunity to put the question of gay marriage before the people of Australia – and politics got in the way,” said Senator Lambie. “I stand by what I said to the Senate yesterday, namely: After the people have their say – no matter what the result – there will be people – who for very good and legitimate reasons – will have very hurt feelings. If a plebiscite of the ...

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SPEECH: Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2016 standard

I rise to support the Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2016. I would have preferred if the question about gay marriage were put at the last election. The nation would have been saved a lot of time and money. However, I still believe that a national plebiscite is justified and needed in order to test the will or conscience of the Australian people on gay marriage. I also believe that this plebiscite will take away any doubt about how the Australian people feel towards gay marriage and will, therefore, lead to a quicker healing and acceptance of the outcome for those on the losing side of the debate. When it comes to gay marriage, even though I indicated before both previous ...

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MPI: Turnbull government standard

I rise to contribute to today’s matter of public importance, namely the continuing chaos and dysfunction from the Turnbull government. I do not want this statement to be true. I want this government to run smoothly without chaos and dysfunction because that would mean there would be a greater chance of this parliament successfully delivering for the people of Tasmania. But, unfortunately, the chaos and dysfunction seen in the Abbott-Hockey government has infected the Turnbull-Morrison government. That is probably because the original cause of the dysfunction, Mr. Abbott, still remains in parliament and has taken his political inspiration from Liberal leader Bob Menzies instead of Harold Holt. Perhaps we have not seen the dysfunction to the level where the Liberal ...

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Lambie puts more Senate heat on Dairy Australia over conflict of interest claims standard

Click below to view 30sec YouTube of Senator Lambie questioning Mr. Akers During Estimate Committee hearings this week, Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie raised conflict-of-interest concerns with the chair of Dairy Australia, Mr. Geoff Akers, who admitted that his wife was on the board of Australia’s largest dairy manufacturer Murray Goulburn. “Normally I wouldn’t enquire about the personal lives of any person in organisations that receive taxpayer funds – however given that hundreds of Tasmanian Dairy Families are facing ruin because of the way the Australian dairy industry has been managed – I stand by my questioning of Mr Akers during Estimates Hearings,” said Senator Lambie. “Conflict-of-Interest can also be another form of corruption, and given the dangerous ...

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Queen’s representative is always neutral and above politics standard

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has issued the following official statement and opinion piece after requests from media to make comment on Tasmanian Governor’s recent public criticism of One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson. “I’ve met Governor Warner.  She is a very respected, gracious, generous and intelligent woman with a long history of public service to Tasmania.  Professor Warner is the Queen’s representative in Tasmania. And in doing the job of Governor is expected to follow the example set by the Queen. Except in the gravest of constitutional emergencies – no matter what personal feelings the Queen has had about certain political matters, she has never publically criticised elected political leaders. The UK parliament educational website simply explains the ...

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