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Lambie’s vote protected up to $11,400 worth of average Tasmanian household entitlements. standard

Lambie’s vote protected up to $11,400 worth of average Tasmanian household entitlements. Palmer United Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, along with her fellow PUP colleagues and Motorist party member Ricky Muir yesterday, forced the Liberal government to back flip – so that the a) low Income Superannuation Contribution, b) Income Support Bonus and c) School-kids Bonus – are guaranteed for the life of the current parliament. “This means that the average Tasmanian house hold with 2 high-school and one primary school students will be up to $11,400 ($3800 per year) better off over the next 3 years and can plan their budgets. I’m proud to be part of a team that voted to get rid of Labor’s and the Green’s ...

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Question to Qld Senator Brandis, Attorney-General re The Australian Constitution standard

I refer the Attorney-General to section 44(i) of the Constitution, as shown on page 6 of the Senate pocket procedures guide, which indicates that, if at the time of nomination a Senate candidate formally or informally acknowledges allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power ….. QWN – constitution – 2-9-14

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Government must fix the veteran affairs crisis …. standard

Media Statement 1.9.14 Government must fix the veteran affairs crisis and detail the true cost of war before sending new troops to Middle-East: Lambie   Palmer United Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie and Veteran Affairs spokes person has reminded the Australian Parliament in a speech* during a debate on the government’s latest military commitment to the Middle-East that the Liberal/National parties have an appalling record of caring for our veterans. And that the Abbott government must fix the crisis in Veteran Affairs before sending any more troops to a new conflict. “ I’ve recently had a meeting with the National President of the Australian Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) National President David Jamison and Executive Director Alf Jaugietis. It’s clear ...

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Migration Amendment (Offshore Resources Activity) Regulation 2014 Disallowance standard

The motion for disallowance of this regulation deserves the support of the Senate for one primary reason, that is because if it is allowed to stand the jobs of thousands of Australians will be at risk. The specific reason this could occur is that the regulation introduces the maritime crew visa as being acceptable for overseas citizens working within Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry. Migration Amend (Offshore Resources Activity) Regulation 2014 – 16-7-14

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